Social Media Marketing

Smartex can now promote your event through its expanding online community. Smartex has an active social network which extends beyond the member base and includes leading industry figureheads from a wide spectrum of companies, currently totalling in excess of 1,200 followers.

For only £75 Smartex will send to its followers on your behalf:

  • Two Linkedin messages (sent at least 1 week apart)
  • Three Twitter messages
  • Twitter feed updates direct to our website
  • The option to supply a unique event code or URL so you can track any bookings made via this method.

You supply us with basic copy and any changes we make for tailoring purposes will be approved by you first.

Each promotional post will be sent at least one week apart (no shorter).

Finally, please note that to protect the interests of members, Smartex can only offer this opportunity to a maximum of 3 companies per month.

To book your slot or to discuss this opportunity, please contact Richard Poynder on 07973 963015 or email