About Smartex

Smartex was established in 1993, and since then has developed a leading group of membership-based associations for organisations working in the smart technology sector. Smartex brings together the community of suppliers, users and potential users, to share knowledge and increase awareness of each sector’s successes, issues and potential direction and pace.

As a member of Smartex, you and your company will be part of this community, and will have the opportunity to meet industry peers and – if you are a service provider – prospective customers, regularly and informally.

Current UK Smartex Forums

  1. TCF (Smart Transport Forum)
  2. HESCA (Higher Education Smart Campus Association)
  3. FPF (Future Payments Forum)
  4. FTF (Future Technology Forum)
  5. IBF (International Biometric Forum)
  6. SX (Smartex General Meetings)

Meeting agendas for all Forums are planned to include both technical and operational aspects of a topical nature that relate to the subject matter covered by each Forum.  Live Webinars normally start at 10.30am and last for no longer than 2 hours.  Face to face meetings normally start at 9.30am with registration and refreshments, and formal sessions run from 10am until about 3.15pm, including a morning and afternoon refreshment break, a full seated luncheon and a networking session at the end of the meeting.

For an example of a face-to-face TCF one-day Forum meeting, please see below:

TCF Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, 7th December 2021