International Biometric Forum (IBF)

Whilst biometrics are becoming ubiquitous, there are huge challenges ahead to ensure their security, operational integrity, appropriate privacy and standardisation.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed some of the operational ways by which biometric validation is performed, notably the need to avoid physical contact with readers that are used by many people, instead using the inbuilt biometrics offered by most smartphones and soon by biometric fingerprint smart cards.  This is a thriving industry, with at least 10 main types of biometric, and a great deal of competition between the suppliers of these.

This new Forum meets 3 times a year.  The main focus of this Forum is to learn about the increasing range of biometric technologies, their relevance within specific applications, their role in identification, authentication and authorization, in binding people to remote systems and as a pivotal factor in the new world of Digital ID.   The target attendance is biometric solution providers, specialists consultants and representatives from most industry sectors, wherever biometrics have a role to play.

2023 Meeting Dates/Venues

  • 7th February (Webinar)
  • 16th May, London
  • 10th October, London