This is what some of our members and guests had to say about us:

About our Forum meetings

"Smartex is an extremely valuable platform to bring together key industry players in what is a highly fragmented and complex application domain.  Without the leadership to orchestrate and challenge key topics in Identification it would be far more difficult for the many players in this ecosystem to move forward and leverage the business growth opportunities based on making the technology easy to use and secure." 
NXP Semiconductors

 "The knowledge shared and networking makes this the most value for money event I've ever attended."
An English Local Authority member

 About our HESCA Conference and Exhibition

 “Thank you, we both really enjoyed the conference and the various presentations with lots of participation from the delegates.”

“Well done on a great conference, it was very beneficial and informative.”

“Thanks very much once again for putting on a great event.”

 “An amazing event as always, out-measured only in how informative it was.  I left with an abundance of literature and contact details, and more importantly, live case studies of how universities out in the field are utilising / embracing current technologies, based on cards and Apps.”

 “Just a quick e-mail to say ‘thank you’ for putting on an excellent event, it was most informative, particularly as we are currently in the process of upgrading our access control system. The networking opportunities were also well thought out, and I came away with a handful of business cards from suppliers whose products may well suit our needs.”

 “Many thanks to yourself, Richard and Josephine.  The conference was very interesting and informative.  It’s given me a lot to think about and to take back to my colleagues…”

  “We had a successful time at HESCA and made some great contacts.  Look forward to seeing you next year.”

 “We found the event enjoyable and worthwhile and were very pleased with the response to both the presentation and the briefing session.”

 “The format you set out was very useful from a supplier perspective keeping it as a purely interactive session allowed us to gain input and feedback far more effectively than a chat around the lunch/coffee sessions.”

 “…add us to the list for next year please.”

 “Thanks again for all your hard work with the organisation - it was another really enjoyable couple of days.”

 “As I’ve not exhibited before I cannot make any comparisons with previous events but on face value can’t really think of how anything could have been done better than it was. One very positive comment is about the breakout sessions, thanks for talking me in to doing it, the concept is a great idea.”

 “I found the conference to be most informative and it certainly helped us to understand where the universities are heading.”

 “Many thanks to you both and to Richard for organising a very useful and enjoyable event. We had some very interesting and I think fruitful conversations which I hope will be the start of some meaningful professional relationships. The venue was excellent and the size of the event was just right.” 

About our TCF Conference and Exhibition

“Another great Smartex TCF event. Thank you Annabel and Richard for putting on another successful event, thoroughly enjoyable, educational and productive.”

 “A fantastic event to network and learn from, a fixture in the calendar every year”

 “… another wonderful conference expertly organised.  I certainly had some fascinating conversations.  Once again TCF delivers!”

 “Congratulations on a terrific conference, I wasn’t there last year but the short sharp presentations are excellent. Great networking opportunities and a good layout of the conference and exhibiter area…”

 “Thanks for a great couple of days. You’ve got a well organised conference there. Congrats!”

  “Best TCF yet I thought, well done to all.”

 “Thanks for an interesting TCF18, not sure where we are going with Contactless Ticketing in relation to all the phone options but I keep believing that Passive RFID with the proper chip remains the belt and braces job.”

  “It was a very useful day and well run. Your insistence on short presentations worked very well as they were focused with the minimum of repetition.”

 “Thoroughly enjoyed attending my first TCF18 show and learnt lots!  I will be back.”

 “Excellent Smartex event last week in Manchester to engage with operators and other vendors around the state of ticketing in the UK.  Very interesting presentations and discussions.  The SBB presentation from Jeannine Pilloud was my highlight.”

 “Thank you all as ever for another great TCF in Manchester. Every year I am delighted that [we] can exhibit because I know that it shows we are competing with the best at the best event there is for transport ticketing. We remain your greatest fans and many congratulations.”

“An excellent event that pleasantly surprised me.  I attended TCF16 (representing a large SI firm) because we are keen to exchange ideas, listen to the subject matter experts and help contribute to thought leadership on how we can help our clients in this market which we believe is close to tipping point. My slight concern in advance was that the conference themes may have been a tad technology focussed, however the event itself was really well balanced, incorporating political, legal, social narrative all of which complemented and supported the technology components.”

 “I was very impressed by the event and the wide community of interest that you have. Thanks to you guys for organising such a great well organised show! You made it look effortless in organising.  Look forward to more of them.”

 “Great event yet again.  Your hard work and organisational skills were clearly appreciated by all.  Quality of presentation and debate was excellent even if reality seems as far away as it ever was! …for me this is core to why these events are so great as they can genuinely help innovators like [us] break down barriers and move things forward in ways most do not think possible.”

About our Workshops

“I found the Smartex workshop informative and well organised. Richard, as host, was approachable, involved and kept the days flowing at a good pace. The assembled experts allowed for well balanced and relevant subject matter and the friendly environment provided a platform for constructive and lively debate.  I would recommend the Smartex workshop.”

 “Thank you and congratulations on what I felt was an excellent Smartex event and workshop.  I felt I was surrounded by inspired knowledge and insight from all directions related to Transit.  As a delegate I learnt a great deal which I hope will enable my company to deliver innovative solutions and results out in the real world.  Equally, may I thank you personally for your hospitality, good humour and excellent choice of venue…”

 “Smartex provided a fantastic two-day session which will provide a solid grounding for any professional who wishes to understand the key technologies that underpin payments in the mass transit industry. A high calibre cross-section of industry players from platform providers, transit operators and consulting backgrounds provided a series of detailed presentations which culminated in lively debates. I took away valuable new insights into the future direction of the technology.”

 About our escorted trip to Trustech

“I just want to personally thank you and Annabel for being such fantastic hosts and for making me feel so welcome on the trip. I had a brilliant time and found it was of great benefit.”

 “Thank you both for a very well organised and enjoyable Cartes trip.  I enjoyed the company, the trip and even the ‘navigation exercise’ you guys set on Tuesday night with your ‘find the restaurant’!”

“A big thank you for your superb hosting of the Cartes trip, and your warm welcome. As a Smartex 'virgin' the few days in Paris were certainly very interesting, informative and très jolie!

About our independent consultancy services

“Smartex, through its experience and deep knowledge of the whole smart card field has provided the University of the Arts with a great insight into the use of smart cards in higher education.  Smartex then worked with us to produce a set of detailed recommendations for our new access control system.  They are now adding significant value by assisting us with implementing this scheme in what is a very tight timescale.  Smartex’s practical and cost effective approach to higher education smart card schemes, based on their unrivalled experience, is both unique and refreshing.”

About our Smartexpress daily news service

"...I think your Smartex news-stream is of the highest quality. I know how much it takes to seek out, trawl through and then edit down material like this and you do it every day while retaining its relevance and interest.  Kudus to you and your team."