Every rail station in Britain 'should allow you to pay using contactless' say transport chiefs


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Unbelievable ignorance of the national rail network, rail journey pricing and ticketing, and ticket technology.  Just proves my observation: whenever a newspaper writes about something you know about, it's wrong - from which I conclude that newspapers are always wrong.

If the figures given in the article are correct, contactless still accounts for significantly less than half of all journeys. There may be 55 million different fares, but that figure gives a false impression of the difficulty of finding the best value fare trainline will do it for you, and give you a mobile ticket; you can use trainpal if you want to do split ticketing.

In any case, using a contactless bank card on open, national rail is fraught with issues, for which there are no known solutions - as you correctly point out.

If Mr. Brown's comments are indicative of the clarity of thought going into this issue in TfL-land, then I sincerely hope that it sticks to managing its privileged, special single operator model.

Mike Duncombe