Updated on 9th April 2021

US: Long Island University launches MyLIU mobile card on iPhone, Apple Watch, Android phones
Long Island University has launched its MyLIU Mobile Card that will allow students, faculty and staff to get around campus with just a tap of their iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone at campus readers. Long Island University partnered with Transact, a leading campus credential solution provider offering NFC-enabled digital IDs, to support the implementation.

Use student ID cards in Wallet on iPhone - Apple Support
Apple Support
On supported campuses, you can add your contactless student ID card to the Wallet app, and then use your iPhone to access locations where your student ID card is accepted, such as your dorm, the library, and campus events. You can even pay for laundry, snacks, and meals around campus.
(The clue is in the words “On supported campuses": and this item was released in the USA: Ed.)

Students Sue Online Exam Proctoring Service ProctorU for Biometrics Violations Following Data ... [USA]
Law Street Media
The plaintiffs claimed that ProctorU engaged in illegal actions by “collecting, storing and using” the plaintiffs' and putative class's biometric identifiers ...

People with special needs not dissuaded by biometrics for educational access, report says
Biometric Update
Last year, CourseKey released a biometric facial and fingerprint scanning solution to keep track of ... At the start of the outbreak, TypingDNA offered free biometric authentication for ... Acuant is a leading global provider of identity verification, regulatory compliance (AML/KYC) and digital identity solutions.

Multi-factor authentication — University Information Services
University Information Services - University of Cambridge
UIS is rolling out multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Microsoft products to University institutions by no later than 31 December 2021.

Ed’s. rant of the day:
Would whoever invented the daft expression ‘Fingerprint dive’ – meaning ‘have a quick thumb through this fascinating document’ – please apologise to Ed. for messing up his Google Alerts system, finely honed over these 18 years!! E.g:
the space-frame in Bacon – Fingerprint — University of Huddersfield Research Portal
University of Huddersfield Research Portal
Fingerprint Dive into the research topics of 'Frames of meaning: the space-frame in Bacon'. Together they form a unique fingerprint. · Arts & Humanities.

Multi-factor authentication for University Microsoft accounts — IT Help and Support
IT Help and Support - University of Cambridge
This might be entering a code sent to your mobile phone or passing a biometric scan, such as face ID or a fingerprint. It's sometimes called two-factor ...

Yoti pitches biometric age estimation to regulate social media access for 7 to 11-year-olds
Biometric Update
Tombs suggests that the combination of biometric liveness checks with AI age estimation will prevent almost anyone between seven and ten years old ...

Ericsson teams up with T-Systems to flog campus network solutions
Swedish kit vendor Ericsson is partnering with the IT services arm of Deutsche Telekom to offer bespoke B2B connectivity services worldwide.

Report alleges bias in ExamSoft facial recognition feature, proposes improvements
Biometric Update
A report has pointed out bugs with the face biometrics-based feature of examination proctoring software ExamSoft, and has proposed methods for bypassing the problems.

Post-Brexit changes for EU students who study in Britain from 2021
Study International News
Europeans entering Britain can use a national ID card until October, after which only passports will be accepted, for stays of up to six months.

USA University news, views and forecasts
The next wave of campus security and access: Trends shaping 2021 and beyond

Seos: A rundown on HID Global’s software-based credential technology
The Seos platform from HID Global is one of the premier credential technology options available to universities. It combines advanced encryption, high reliability and fast operation, and as a software-based credential technology, Seos is independent of underlying hardware. This offers form-factor flexibility, supporting use on mobile devices, smart cards, wearables, tags and more.

44,000 FirstGroup School Buses Use "FirstACTS" To Secretly Identify And Track The Behavior of 5 Million Students  [USA]
Romek Security
…What makes First Students' school bus surveillance so "advanced, comfortable and reliable"? Is their ability to record and track an individual student's behavior in real-time. All of First Student's 44,000 school buses come equipped with their proprietary "Active Conduct Tracking System" or FirstACTS.

Transact Campus Inc. to open international headquarters in Limerick, Ireland
Transact Campus Inc., the leading integrated payment and credential software solution company for campus environments, has today announced it will create 110 new jobs in Limerick City Centre.

Capita still wants to offload education software unit
The Register
Capita is still hopeful of finding a buyer for its education software biz despite financial offers reportedly coming in below the expected range of £500m to £700m in mid-October - which at the time was higher than the entire group's market cap.

Apply for a Student SmartCard
West Berkshire Council
Please complete the following form to obtain a SmartCard. You will need to upload an electronic copy of a photograph in JPG format. You will not be ...

Mobile credentials for the masses: Key considerations for implementation and student adoption
I love Apple Pay. It's so convenient to tap my phone—which I always have in my pocket—and go. When I first began using Apple Pay, that convenience ...

6 areas of campus to make contactless [USA]
University Business
6 areas of campus to make contactless. Options for helping students, staff and visitors avoid touching shared surfaces and interacting face-to-face during ...

CR80 Chats: How ColorID is helping campuses to navigate contact tracing
In this episode of CR80News Chats, we catch up with ColorID’s David Stallsmith to talk about how ColorID has been helping universities tackle contact tracing and other COVID-19 related challenges. Contact tracing, in particular, is an emerging conversation for universities of all sizes, so we talk through some of the options available to campuses as they try to implement a contact tracing system that best suits their needs.

Digital accessibility in education and employment during COVID-19
This blog forms part of a blog series to be published over the coming weeks as we investigate how the digital and social exclusion of persons with ...

Co-op opens first franchise store in Scotland
Retail Times
Students who are Young Scot cardholders can pocket a 10% discount off groceries and contactless card payment limits up to £45 will be accepted, ...

How Do Colleges Check for Plagiarism in Essays?
Bdaily National
The modern age of information has meant that colleges and universities must adopt new strategies to combat plagiarism, which is when a student passes off somebody else’s work as their own. Professors have access to specialized software programs that can check papers, reports and essays by evaluating suspect words and phrases. In some cases, other methods such as reviewing writing styles or references are used.

Yoti wins biometric selfie-based student ID contract with Scottish college
Biometric Update
High-quality fingerprint enrollment still underpins government identity ... Yoti wins biometric selfie-based student ID contract with Scottish college ... Yoti has introduced digital identity cards for students of one of Scotland's ... of the tenant's photo on their ID using an authentication service, the report states.

Leeds Uni offers isolating freshers contactless laundry service at £25 a pop
The Tab
The Uni is offering a contactless laundry service to freshers forced into self-isolation, for a mere £25 a pop. That's right, 25 whole English pounds…for ...
(£25? How many beers is that? Ed.)

Maryville University introduces NFC digital IDs
NFC World
Uploading their digital Saints ID card to Apple Pay or Google Pay enables users to scan their iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone instead of their ...

Zoom adds extra layer of security for classrooms with an external authentication feature
Video meet platform Zoom has released an external authentication feature in a bid to keep classrooms secure amid the pandemic. The Single Sign-On ...

Biometric digital identity can preserve remote exam integrity for South Africa’s universities
Biometric Update
The pandemic continues to open several opportunities for digital identity in many sectors, as it continues to change the way we do things, and one sector that has been heavily affected in South Africa is the higher education sector.

Digital identity: new UK scheme risks running a repeat of ID card controversy
Coventry University Blog Network
Estonia has a mandatory scheme that includes an ID card but can also be used as definitive proof of identity online. It's used for travelling, national ...
(Amazing what lack of clarity exists regarding UKDID, as reported here. Ed.)

Digital identity: new UK scheme risks running a repeat of ID card controversy
Coventry University Blog Network
Estonia has a mandatory scheme that includes an ID card but can also be used as definitive proof of identity online. It's used for travelling, national ...
(Amazing what lack of clarity exists regarding UKDID, as reported here. Ed.)

Developing algorithms to detect earliest signs of COVID-19 from biometric smartwatch data  [USA]
Purdue University researchers have begun a study that would help determine if continuously collected biometric smartwatch data could be used to ...

Wondering how to tell the world you've been hacked?
The Register
Infosec boffins at the University of Kent have developed a "comprehensive playbook" for companies who, having suffered a computer security breach, want to know how to shrug off the public consequences and pretend everything's fine.

Victims of Blackbaud ransomware attack to take legal action
IT Governance
Students and staff at the University of Cumbria who were affected by the ransomware attack on Blackbaud are preparing to take legal action against the software provider.

Collect your student ID card
Bournemouth University
Your student ID card contains key information about you and allows you to access a number of different systems around BU, including: printers, car ...
(Are the old ways the best ways? Ed.)

US: Marshall University goes mobile credential only for student IDs
Marshall University has taken the decision to move exclusively to mobile credential on its campus, making the Marshall Mobile ID the only form campus credential being issued to students, faculty and staff. Marshall is a Transact Mobile Credential campus, and began provisioning the Marshall Mobile ID last summer.

Project gives more power to young people to shape the way Sheffield feels and looks
The Star
This week AR’ City will be exhibiting its playful tech in the Moor as a part of Festival Of The Mind. The project is run by the social enterprise AALFY in partnership with the University of Sheffield and tech organisations in Sheffield to use smart technology to improve the city. The need for smart cities was identified in a government report as early as 2013. The move towards smart cities provides “cities with greater autonomy to achieve the outcomes which meet their own particular needs” and helps “develop a vision for city regeneration.”

Intelligent Campus Data Protection Impact Assessment Toolkit.
Intelligent Campuses use existing data and new sensors to deliver better places to study, work, live and socialise. But there’s a risk with any use of data or sensors that even the best-intentioned ideas will be misused or misunderstood: as inappropriate, intrusive or even surveillance.

Use student ID cards in Wallet on iPhone
Apple Support
On supported campuses, you can add your contactless student ID card to the Wallet app , and then use your iPhone to access locations where your ...
(Interesting: Ed.  What’s a ‘supported campus’?)

Student ID CARDS
Oxford Brookes University
Once you have completed online enrolment and are fully enrolled your Student ID card will be posted to you. If you enrolled before the 7 September ...
(Ed. would have failed this one at the first hurdle…)

Voice recognition technology doesn't work for kids - and it's hurting them in the classroom
World Economic Forum
Popular voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google use speech recognition software to answer your questions, but kids' language is highly ...

NEW REPORT: Universities' Digital Onboarding Orientation
In the latest Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker®, PYMNTS takes a closer look at how the pandemic has affected universities’ onboarding of and interactions with new students as well as how they can provide resources to these individuals once that process has been finalized

Vanderbilt University adds mobile credential to Apple Wallet
Vanderbilt University is now enabling students, faculty and staff to add their Commodore Card, the Vanderbilt student ID, to Apple Wallet for use via their iPhone and Apple Watch. Vanderbilt, a CBORD campus client, is leveraging CBORD’s GET app to add student credentials to Apple Wallet, as well as reader hardware from HID Global to support the full range of transactions across the Nashville campus.

Newcastle Uni 'completely crippled' by pandemic and cyber attack
Romek Security
Staff at Newcastle University are warning the institution is "completely crippled" and said they have "no idea how we are going to welcome students in three weeks' time" due to the double impact of the coronavirus pandemic and a cyber attack.

Buckinghamshire New University supports launch of The Security Consortium
Security Matters
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE NEW University, Frontier Risks Group, the Silverback Security Academy and the SGW Consulting Group have joined forces to launch The Security Consortium with a stated mission of inspiring and developing excellence in security, risk and resilience through innovative, current and collaborative learning opportunities, accredited qualifications and general support for the global interconnected security profession.