Biometrics Workshop 2017: 15-16 June 2017 in Cambridge
A Smartex event in partnership with Dr. David Everett of Microexpert

Mobiles+Biometrics+Payments = m-Biometrics, the future for authentication

Contact Richard Poynder: or 01440 712610

Smartex and Microexpert are pleased to announce a new 2-day residential workshop devoted to BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION OPERATED THROUGH MOBILE DEVICES, majoring on the future for authentication and authorisation relating to payments.

Passwords and PINs have provided the main forms of identification, authentication and authorisation for many years, but are no longer suitable for purpose – as well as being widely disliked by their users.  They are also amenable to a wide range of fraudulent attacks and theft.  The linkage binding people to systems has not been adequate, if it existed at all.  Biometrics provide that essential link and are the basis for a secure means to associate authorised users and their entitlements with the proper exercise of a wide range of activities, from remote payments to the validation of the people themselves.

Mobile devices are the ideal form factors to provide the biometric reading and validation capability, as this process remains firmly in the hands of the subject individual, and eliminates the need for the deployment of millions of expensive biometric readers at points of use. 

The main application for which m-Biometrics will be indispensable will be the world of payments.  This application will therefore be the focus of our Workshop.

Workshop structure 

Day 1: Thursday, 15 June 2017
Morning sessions: Biometrics – how did we get to where we are?
Afternoon sessions: Mobile devices and biometric sensors

Day 2: Friday, 16 June 2017
Morning sessions: The big four mobile biometrics
Afternoon sessions: Vulnerabilities, challenges and the way forward

The final agenda and logistics will be circulated shortly.

Session leaders are specialists in their respective fields, and will include:

  • Dr. Peter Waggett: IBM and IST/44
  • Mr. Mike Franklin: HSBC 
  • Dr. Sam De Silva: Nabarro LLP 
  • Mr. Steve Cook: Daon 
  • Mr. Marek Rejman-Greene: Home Office 
  • Mr. Shaun Oakes: ievo 
  • Mr. Matt Lewis: NCC Group 
  • Mr. Carl Gohringer: Allevate 
  • Dr. Richard Guest: University of Kent 
  • Prof. Josef Kittler: University of Surrey

Why attend?

Workshop attendance will equip participants to understand:

  • the principles common to the main biometric systems 
  • how each biometric attribute works in practice
  • the four main biometric types for mobiles: fingerprint, voice, image and eye
  • the processes of template registration, storage and comparison with the presented biometric
  • the relative merits and disadvantages of each biometric type in general operation
  • the degree of suitability of each biometric type within the mobile domain
  • the standards (or lack of them) governing biometric capture, storage and reading
  • the resilience of biometrics to various types of fraudulent attack
  • the uniqueness of each individual person’s physiological characteristics for each main biometric type
  • the economic costs of deployment and operation for each main biometric type
  • the legal position of the use of biometric techniques and the issues relating to active and passive biometric acquisition
  • the data protection and privacy dimension to the various biometric types
  • the impact of biometrically-enabled mobiles, and their ability to perform internal biometric validation, thus avoiding the need for a large population of biometric readers.

Workshop fee
: Smartex members: £550 + VAT.  Non-members: £650 + VAT.
The fee covers: attendance on both days: course material: subsequent access to course material online (subject to NDA): refreshments and luncheons: dinner on the evening of Day 1: one night’s accommodation: free on-site car parking.

Easy registration: Contact Richard Poynder: or 01440 712610 or book online here.